Music is the universal language ~ it touches every heart and soul. 

Rene's  Music

Rene's Music and Art has been in business in the Bellingham area since July, 2009.  I graduated with a Fine Arts Degree from LeMoyne Owen College in Memphis, Tennessee in 2002.  I performed professionally in Memphis, TN, in both blues and jazz bands.  I taught Music Theory for my professor, Dr. Herman Green the summer before I graduated.  Music is more than an enjoyable pastime, it nurtures the human spirit, develops both sides of a child's brain,  provides therapeutic benefits to all those that desire to learn, as well as helping to heal the mind, soul and spirit.  I am the firstborn daughter of two professional musicians, and came to the piano as soon as I could walk, trying to imitate my mother.  I studied piano as a child, guitar as a teenager, and flute since I was ten years of age.  Music is truly a universal language, and can cross all barriers.  Music enhances one's life experience a thousand fold.  It is the ultimate gift you can give your child.
Children can begin piano lessons at the age of four.  I introduce them to a music readiness program, which includes basic musical concepts, singing, and fun with rhythm instruments  Since every child learns differently, I try to observe how they learn, and approach the instruction from their advantage point.  Emphasis on fun and the life long enjoyment that music can bring. 
Guitar students can start lessons as soon as their fingers are strong enough, usually around the age of nine or ten.  I begin them on a classical guitar, with nylon strings, and classical technique.  However, I teach from the current Guitar, Rock Shop, Theory books, so they can play all types of music. All lessons include Music Theory, which teaches a student why and how music works.
Flute students can begin at the age of 4 or 5 ~ with the advent of the NUVO Recorder Program.  Enroll your child if you believe they have a love of music today.  It is only $20 monthly for a hour recorder class every Friday from 3:30 to 4:30pm, at my Home Music Studio.  It is located just three blocks behind Haggens on Meridian, 2805 Grove Street.  Your child will have the experience of playing with a group, reading the treble clef music, and performing at the annual Concert in June.  This exciting new program helps the young student develop the appropriate embouchure for the flute or clarinet/saxophone. After they can play the NUVO recorder, they get their choice of the Little Toot (develops flute embouchure) or the Little Dood (develops a reed embouchure).  It does not take long before they can move up to a full size band instrument.  This amazing program if followed will give birth to unheard of musicianship.  

If possible, it is best to begin all students of music on piano first, as it makes it so much easier to learn another instruments. I offer class piano on Saturdays for all ages, at $40 monthly, plus books.
All lessons are an hour.
All lessons include music theory.
Lessons are in my home, or yours ( a travel fee is added onto regular tuition depending on the mileage)
Tuition is billed at the first of the month.
Please feel free to contact me, should you have any questions.
[email protected]
Rene Arbogast
“Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music” -Sergei Rachmaninov
J.S. Bach: "It's easy to play any musical instrument. All you have to do is touch the right keys at the right time and the instrument will play itself."

Rene's          Art

The universal stream of creativity seems to flow faster with age, just like time speeds up after fifty........just whizzes by us, eyes wide open.  To capture a split second of creative inspiration and bring it forth into this plane of existence is sheer ecstasy, and impossible to portray in mere english words.  Time then has no meaning, one is transported into a timeless realm where the river rushes through you.  Such an inexplicable sensation ~ hopefully my art shows a glimpse of that feeling, which becomes a frozen  moment in time, on this earthly plane.

Persian Persuasion

This geometric design is inspired by the antique frame that surrounds her.  Just off of the table April 2015 ~ the frame brought out thoughts of Aladdin's Lamp, persian rugs, and middle eastern architecture.  This is an extremely unique work of art, as the frame is vintage, and I have left it in it's orginal state.  This piece is currently for sale at $999.  

The Peacock Dream ~she sits silently in the dining room with Sante Benedetto and his family in Middleton, MA. The medallions in the tail are over 150 years old. This is a 4' x 6' window, $3000.  commission, completed in 2004.  Designed and built by Rene Arbogast

Rene's Music & Art ~  

I am a spirit dancer, an eternal child.  The passion I hold within me for my music and art, demands that I pass these gifts on to the future generations.  True beauty is pure creativity.  When time stands still, your heart and soul is in awe of what you see or what you are hearing, this is when the true beauty insinuates itself into your very essence.  There is no greater joy than sharing these wonderful gifts with those that come to me.  It is with the deepest gratitude and honor that I lead every student to the best of my ability.  I thank you, the patron, that gives such atranscendent gift to someone you love.

Over 35 years experience

Music Instructor with Degree

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Sir Hef Hunchenhips
The love of my life, Sir Hef, my pet Maine Coone, has been with me for 12 wonderful enlightening years.  He continues to be my spiritual guide, and many times, my Jiminy Cricket.
René's Art
Fishing with my sister and my favorite Captain Randy of All Ways Fishing!!
The absolute best in King Salmon Fishing in the great northwest.
Robyn, Jayne, Rene, and Capt. Randy 2014
The contraption holds many of my stained glass panels and creations.  I use it for art shows and exhibits around the area.  I have many stained glass panels that are available for sale or can build one specifically for you using your ideas and color schemes.  Please send me a message if you are interested!!